The Berlin WalkSmart Initiative

pic-crosswalk-01The Berlin Pedestrian Safety Committee (BPSC) has formed in response to the need for safer conditions for pedestrians. Its membership includes volunteers from our community and Berlin town officials who have come together to seek solutions to these problems. With the backing of the people of Berlin, we brought our concerns to the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA). The SHA has become our partner in improving the conditions along our roads.

In April, 2014, the State Highway Administration completed the installation of crosswalks at Rt. 113 and Bay Street, and implemented a graduated speed-limit reduction coming into Town on Rt. 113. We are grateful to SHA for these efforts.

The BPSC has joined with the SHA’s Walk Smart campaign to raise awareness of pedestrian and bicycle safety. is the source for information about safety while traveling around town. Learn the rules of the road for walking and for cycling.

Additional resources for safe pedestrian and bicycle travel can be found at the following websites, or just type “pedestrian” or “bicycle safety” into your search bar: