Berlin, Maryland (March 26, 2018) ­— The Town of Berlin and the Berlin Police Department want to remind Berlin residents there are two programs in effect for Town citizens that could be of great assistance to those with special needs:  The Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP) and the CodeRED Emergency Notification System.

Sponsored by the Berlin Police Department, SNAP is intended to aid Law Enforcement Officers in contacting and locating those with special needs such as, but not limited to:  Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, Dementia and those with impaired mobility, hearing and vision, including the elderly.

Chief Arnold Downing noted, “Law Enforcement agencies across the US have implemented this type of program with great success.  SNAP is available for individuals who live and work in Berlin, as well as those who frequently visit.”

By completing a short form, individuals and caregivers of those with special needs provide the Police Department with crucial information to assist in providing the best care during emergencies.

The Town of Berlin also offers residents and businesses the ability to stay informed about what’s going on in the Town through the CodeRED Emergency Notification System.  “The Mayor and Council recognized the need to be able to communicate with our citizens quickly and efficiently,” Mayor Gee Williams explained.

“The use of a mass notification system that can deliver messages by phone, email or text all at once and to many people will help us keep our residents, businesses and even visitors informed,” the mayor added.  Participation in the CodeRED system keeps residents informed of incidents such as power outages, road closures and other items which may affect the entire Town or specific areas.

For information about the Special Needs Alert Program and CodeRED, please visit the Town’s website, the Police Department website  or call the Berlin Police Department at 410-641-1334, or Town Hall at 410-641-2770.

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