Berlin Upgrading Utility Billing System

Credit Card Payments Temporarily Suspended

 Starting July 4, 2016, the Town of Berlin will not be able to accept credit card payments for two to three weeks while the new utility billing software is installed, Mayor Gee Williams announced.

“We’re upgrading our financial system software to enhance the service we provide to our customers.  We’re making the bills easier to read and adding usage charts.  Also, the new software has a more flexible online account portal,” said Town Administrator Laura Allen.  “As part of that process we need to temporarily stop taking credit card payments for a couple of weeks as we complete that transition,” she added.

“We believe in a process of continuous improvement in Berlin,” said Mayor Williams.  “Not all change is easy, even the change you initiate.  I’m sure our customers will agree that the temporary inconvenience is worth it in the long run,” he added.

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