Berlin Welcomes Urban Alert Signs on US 113

State Highway Administration Installs Signs on Schedule

 (August 31, 2015) — The Town of Berlin welcomes the new Urban Alert signs on US 113 installed by the State Highway Administration this summer as planned, Mayor Gee Williams announced.

“Berlin thanks the State Highway Administration for moving quickly to address our concerns,” said Mayor Williams.  “We received a high level of professional attention from them, which is greatly appreciated.”

The signs, located southbound just south of the US 50 interchange and northbound near the Town boundary, are part of a series of improvements the State Highway Administration made at the intersection of Bay Street extended and US 113 as a result of a petition led by Patricia Dufendach, Chairperson of the Berlin Pedestrian Safety Committee, which gathered over 1,000 signatures.

“Most people driving on US 113 are on vacation and focused on getting where they want to go,” said Mrs. Dufendach.  “These signs will get their attention and help them slow down in our Town.”

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