Countdown Crosswalk Ribbon Cutting-May 8th

Berlin Plans Ribbon Cutting for US 113 Countdown Crosswalk Signal

Community appreciation event to be held at Henry Park, Friday May 8th

The Town of Berlin has scheduled a ribbon cutting for the new countdown crosswalk signal recently installed at the intersection of Bay St. extended and Route 113 on Friday, May 8, at 11 a.m., Mayor Gee Williams announced.  The public is invited to join the event.

“We are gathering at Henry Park on Flower Street and walking over to the intersection for a brief ceremony to mark the completion of the project,” said Mayor Williams.  “This is an example of something good that will permanently benefit the community coming out of a terrible tragedy,” he added.

Patricia Dufendach, Chairperson of the Berlin Pedestrian Safety Committee, led the community effort to get the countdown crosswalk in place.  “This really was a communitywide effort.  We had over 1,000 signatures on our petition, which shows you we had broad support for getting crosswalk improvements at that intersection,” stated Dufendach.

“The community stood together.”  Dufendach added, “I want to thank the State Highway Administration for their help and guidance through this process.  We received a high level of professional attention from them.  They took the time to understand the problem and found the money to get a solution in place,” she said.

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