The Berlin Electric Distribution Department recently replaced one of the 800 amp reclosers which was damaged by lightening during storms in July and August of this year. The reclosers act similarly to the main breaker in your home by protecting the circuits “below” them.

The old reclosers are being replaced with 1200amp vacuum breakers, which are designed to carry more load, built to last 30-40 years and enable the system to minimize the impact to the Town’s customers during outages. If two out of three breakers experience a problem, the load can be shifted to one breaker while repairs are made.

Distribution staff (l to r) Fred Litchfield, Jim Higgason, August Wienhold, (not pictured) Barry Daniels, Claude Littleton and Electric Utility Manager Tim Lawrence prepare the new recloser for installation.

One of the 800amp reclosers being replaced.

The new 1200amp recloser fully installed.

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