Emergency Preparedness – Thunderstorms and Power Outages

lightning oc, md Lightning off the beach at Ocean City

During the summer weather forecasts on the Delmarva Peninsula often feature the threat of thunderstorms, particularly in the evening hours. When the storms do come they can be severe, resulting in lots of lightning and thunder, strong winds, driving rain and sometimes hail.  All of these weather phenomena can lead to power outages; lightning strikes can directly knock out power and winds and rain can cause trees or tree limbs to fall on power lines.

Though power outages during electrical storms have greatly decreased over the years, due to improved technologies and features, and the length of outages, when they do occur, is much shorter, the Berlin Electric Utility wants you to be prepared in case of a power outage by planning ahead and being ready.

If you do lose power during a storm, or at any time, please call the Berlin Town Hall at 410-641-2770 during regular business hours, or the Berlin Police Department non-emergency line after hours at 410-641-1334.

Please following the link below to the Maryland Emergency Management Agency website for tips on being prepared for a thunderstorm; you can also find useful information to plan for many emergency situations.


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