Help Make Berlin Beautiful

Let everyone know you care by adopting a landscaping area!

You may have noticed the little green and white signs that have popped up throughout the downtown and in the parks. Over the years many different people and organizations have, at different times, taken care of weeding, watering and planting these landscape areas, rain gardens and flower beds, and we thought it was time to make sure that their hardwork and community spirit was acknowledged for all to see and that everyone had the opportunity to help out if they wish.

Sponsoring an area is really very simple – you, or your group, needs to be able to check on the beds periodically and weed, water, or otherwise maintain their appearance through the year, particularly through the active growing season. Depending on the area selected, most of the responsibility is to keep the area watered and weeded. Other than bringing water and using your own tools and trash bags, there would be no financial obligation. If you wish to purchase flowers or other plants, the only requirement would be that you check with us so that we can avoid inappropriate species being introduced and to ensure that the area is safe for digging – some areas may have utilities nearby.

Once you sign up to adopt an area, a small sign, as in the picture, will be placed acknowledging your efforts.

If you are interested in adopting an area, please contact Mary Bohlen at 410-641-4314 or email her by clicking here. There are lots of spots available!

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