Mayor’s Statement on the Chemical Spill in Berlin Falls Park

July 1, 2019

Statement on Chemical Spill in Berlin Falls Park

A chemical spill was located adjacent to two ponds in Berlin Falls Park on Wednesday, June 27.

The Town of Berlin immediately contacted hazardous materials crews who were in the park Wednesday evening to begin cleaning up the spill. Chesapeake Environmental Services (CES) completed the clean-up of the impacted area by early Friday evening.

Although all chemicals at the site of the spill were removed, a 6-foot chain link fence has been constructed around the spill site. The ponds were tested, and no chemicals were found.  In addition, silt fencing and an absorbent buffer was established along the perimeter of the spill area to prevent any impacts to the adjacent pond during the excavation work.

The Town also contacted the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) upon discovery of the chemical spill.  Representatives of MDE visited the spill site throughout the clean-up process.

The Town of Berlin is working with CES to determine if there are any other chemicals at any location in Berlin Falls Park and for the removal of any such materials, if found.


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