Public Wi-Fi Available


Visitors in Berlin will now be able to access Wi-Fi while visiting the downtown. The service is being provided as a courtesy of the Town of Berlin and will be available at no cost to anyone seeking internet access while they are visiting the downtown business district.

“After receiving a number of requests from visitors, the Berlin Council authorized the installation of Wi-Fi and Tim Lawrence, Berlin’s Electric Utility Director, facilitated the addition of the necessary equipment to provide this service” said Mayor Gee Williams. “We think that our Town’s visitors and guests will enjoy and appreciate this added convenience.”

Signs placed in a number of locations throughout the downtown will inform visitors of the service. Upon accessing the service, which will be identified in their Wi-Fi directory as “Berlin Public Wi-Fi”, users will need to indicate agreement with a brief disclaimer explaining the terms of use and limitations. “The mayor and council believe this is yet another example of Berlin’s commitment to being a town with 19th Century charm and 21st Century living,” the mayor added.

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