Spring Bulk Collection

Wednesday, May 9 (if your trash is collected on Tuesdays or Wednesdays)
Wednesday, May 16 (if your trash is collected on Thursdays)

Residents must have items for collection set out by 6:00 AM. Materials placed for pick up at any other time will not be collected.


¨ DO NOT use Town-provided trash cans

¨ Small items must be placed in a container at the curb and weigh no more than 100 lbs.

¨ Collection is for improved, occupied residential properties only.

¨ Regular household garbage and yard waste is not part of this collection.

¨ Commercial and industrial properties are not included in this collection.

Items to be collected:
Bulky items such as:

Toilets & Sinks
Refridgerators, Washers & Dryers

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