The Berlin Mayor and Council announces two Public Outreach Meetings to learn the results of the year-long University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center Storm Water Feasibility Study. The Meetings are scheduled based upon Town of Berlin election districts:

November 19th – Districts 1 and 2, Town Hall, 10 William Street at 7 PM

November 27th – Districts 3 and 4, Multi-purpose Building, Flower Street at 7 PM

The purpose of these meetings is to:

1. Hear from Joanne Throwe, Director of Environmental Finance Center, University of Maryland to discuss the storm water feasibility study results.

2. Learn about the recommendation of creating a storm water utility department.

3. Gather information on the funding recommendations from the study.

The Financing Feasibility Study for Stormwater Management in Berlin, Maryland can be viewed on the town web site at or a printed copy may be picked up at Town Hall.

This is an important decision that will influence the safety of property and maintenance of Berlin’s storm water for the next several generations. Citizens are urged to attend so that they may learn first-hand about the recommendations of the study and help the Mayor and Council make an informed decision about how we pool the resources of our community to find a permanent, affordable solution to our existing storm water issues.

The Public Outreach Meetings will be hosted by the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center and the Town of Berlin with generous funding from theTown Creek Foundation.

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