WAMU Broadcasts Rt. 113 Pedestrian Safety Information

On Friday, December 13th WAMU Radio broadcast a piece on the Rt. 113 Pedestrian Safety Initiative. To listen to the broadcast, please follow the link below:

The Rt. 113 Pedestrian Safety Initiative is a citizens’ committee dedicated to working with local and state authorities and offices to increase pedestrian awareness and safety on Rt. 113 in Berlin. This is a very new group, which held their first meeting on November 19. The group will make a presentation to the Mayor and Council on Monday, November 25 at 7:00 PM during the Mayor and Council Meeting and will schedule another committee meeting in early December. ANYONE who is interested in participating,-or just learning more – is invited to attend these meetings – which will be announced on Berlin Public Access Channel 4, as well as in local newspapers, and other media. Committee Organizer Patricia Dufendach can be contacted at patriciadufendach@msn.com.

A petition is also circulating in the community. Copies to sign or extra copies to take with you are available at Town Hall or the Berlin Planning office. You can also downloadthe petition to print.

As part of their campaign, the committee wishes to raise general awareness about pedestrian safety for both walkers and drivers. Please take a few minutes to read over these very important tips, and, please share them with anyone who might benefit.

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