The long awaited reconstruction of Washington Street was completed recently by the Town of Berlin. This project was an extensive undertaking that involved the replacement of sidewalks and new paving on the street itself. The overall project was started in 2009 with the replacement of 1600 square feet of sidewalk at a cost of approximately $12,000. In 2010, 1200 square feet of sidewalk, the modification of two catch basins and the installation of 2 ADA ramps was done for approximately $10,000. And in 2011 the final phase of work was completed, which involved the resurfacing of the street itself along with 1892 square feet of sidewalk, 428 square feet of driveway tie-ins, the modification of 2 catch basins and the installation of 3 ADA ramps. The paving portion alone involved milling of the old surface, cleaning, wedging and leveling before the overlay of 1 ½” of 9.5 mm Superpave. This portion of the work cost $47,500. The total project cost was almost $70,000.00 over three years.

The new ramps are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities
Act (ADA) with the addition of detectable warning surface plates, which
provide a sensory indicator that the sidewalk is ended. The new
catch basins and ramps, as well as the street surface are all
level to provide ease of access.

Berlin Public Works Department staff prepare the surface by clearing
debris and then paint a white stripe along the curb.

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