WBOC Story Presented Incorrect Information

Many of you saw Tuesday’s WBOC story regarding the clearing of sidewalks in Berlin as presented by Denise Sawyer. Unfortunately, a number of issues addressed in this story were incorrect and we wish to make sure that our citizens and businesses have the correct information regarding the Town of Berlin’s policy regarding clear sidewalks. Ms. Sawyer stated that the Town requires clearing of sidewalks to be done with 24-hours or property owners will be fined; both of these statements are wrong. Town Administrator Laura Allen informed Ms. Sawyer that the Town did not establish a time frame in which to clear the sidewalk and that any monetary charge to the property owner would be a result of the Town performing the work and passing the cost on to the property owner.

Ms. Allen also informed Ms. Sawyer that the Town has never had to exercise this power to date; the property owners of Berlin do a wonderful job of keeping their sidewalks clear following a snow event and the Town has not felt the need to pursue any property owner for failing to do so.

More information about the Town’s regulations regarding clear sidewalks, can be found in the Town of Berlin Charter, Article IX, “Public Ways and Sidewalks”. To view the Town Charter online, please click here.

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