Admin photo l-r: Mayor's Assistant JoAnn Unger, Town Administrator Laura Allen, Administrative Services Director Mary Bohlen, Town Clerk Kelsey Jensen

The Administration Department of the Town of Berlin is located in Town Hall, at 10 William Street.

Berlin has operated under a strong mayor form of government since 1868. The Charter of the Town of establishes the Town Council as the governing and legislative authority of the Town government, with the Mayor having complete supervision over the financial administration of the Town, as well as hiring and firing authority over the Town Administrator and the Department Directors.  The Town Administrator supervises all main department heads and central office staff and is responsible for ensuring the overall efficient and effective administration of all of the Town’s departments.

Strong Mayor Form of Government
Under a system of local government called the strong mayor form; the elected officials are the community leaders and policy makers who establish a vision for their city, town, or county.  The mayor serves as the Chief Executive Officers with significant control over the staff and budget of the Town.

The Administration Department consists of the Town Administrator, Administrative Services Director, Mayor’s Assistant, and Town Clerk.

Meet the Town Administrator