Water Resources

Berlin’s Water Resources Department consists of four divisions: Water, Wastewater, Spray Irrigation, and Stormwater Management.

    • The Water Division is responsible for operation and maintenance of the Town’s municipal water system, including infrastructure (pipes and pump stations), treatment and water towers.
    • The Wastewater Division is responsible for the infrastructure of the sewers and treatment of wastewater and sewage.
    • The Spray Irrigation Division is responsible for the operation of the Town’s two Spray Irrigation Sites. These sites take the treated effluent from the Wastewater Plant, further treat them, and spray-irrigate hundreds of acres of woodlands at two separate facilities outside the Town limits. When the second spray site came online in 2013, Berlin became the largest Spray Irrigation System in Maryland using treated effluent.
  • The Stormwater Management Division is responsible for maintenance of Town controlled stormwater conveyance (ditches, ponds and storm drains) and enforcement of the Stormwater Management Code of the Town of Berlin.