(July 23, 2013) — David H. Engelhart of Onley, VA, has been hired as the new Planning Director for the Town of Berlin. Englehart was selected from a pool of about 50 applicants from throughout the region.

Engelhardt has an extensive career in construction, planning, zoning, sales, appraisals and project management. He currently serves in two positions; real estate appraiser for Accomack County Virginia’s Department of Assessments and also Zoning Administrator for the Town of Onley.

The new Berlin Planning Director has a solid base of knowledge about the Town of Berlin, including its economic and cultural diversity and its progress in recent decades through both private and public revitalization efforts. Engelhardt is expected to start his new position on August 26, 2013.

The new Planning Director will work directly under the Town Administrator and will be responsible for administering and enforcing the zoning ordinance, inspecting or approving buildings, structures, signs and uses of premises under the town code. He will also review plans for subdivisions to ensure that all development standards and ordinances are met.

Engelhardt will also serve as the staff contact for Berlin’s Planning Commission, Historic District Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals and perform work necessary for their proper function, reporting regularly to the Town Administrator on the status of these boards.

“The Town of Berlin is fortunate to have a person of Mr. Englehardt’s background and experience to serve as our new Planning Director as we move beyond the economic limitations of recession and enter a period where we expect to see new opportunities in commercial development and a steady, but manageable, pace of residential growth,” said Mayor Gee Williams.

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