Berlin Releases Tyson Environmental Study

 (August 11, 2015) — The Environmental Assessment of the Tyson Property prepared by EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. indicates there are no significant barriers to development, announced Mayor Gee Williams.

“I was surprised to learn there are just a few issues on the property, which can be addressed through the design of what ultimately is placed there or in the case of the lagoons, through monitoring and creating a way for the water to move,” said Mayor Gee Williams.  “It seems one of our biggest hurdles to purchasing the property has been cleared,” he added.

The Town is continuing its due diligence on the property.  “The Council voted last night to Contract with EDSA, INC. to complete a feasibility analysis of the potential uses identified through the Strategic Planning process we completed this spring,” stated Town Administrator Laura Allen.  “We expect to have that report in about five weeks,” she added.

Copies of the Environmental Assessment reports along with a letter from by EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. summarizing the results can be found by following the links below.

Tyson Phase I Final Report

Tyson Phase II Final Report


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